Real Mirosoft AZ-303 Dumps March 2023 Edition – Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Certification

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Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam

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Certification Name Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
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Introduction to The Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303)

The Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303) exam is for candidates who have experience developing and implementing Microsoft Azure systems, including features such as computing, network, storage, and security. An Azure Solution Architect, on the other hand, has a variety of tasks, including advising stakeholders and turning business objectives into secure, scalable, and dependable cloud solutions. For solution implementation, an Azure Solution Architect collaborates with cloud administrators, cloud DBAs, and clients.

Requirements for AZ-900 exam

Candidates taking the Microsoft Azure AZ-303 exam should have the following qualifications:

  • Experience and knowledge of Advanced IT operations
  • Experience and clear understanding of Networking, virtualization, identification, security, disaster recovery, business continuity, data platform, budgeting, and governance.
  • Candidates for this position should be able to manage decisions in each area and influence the overall solution.
  • They must also have expert-level Azure administrative abilities as well as familiarity with Azure development and DevOps procedures.

What are the benefits of getting AZ-303 exam certification?

  • This certification will assess your abilities and knowledge in terms of your grasp of Azure Architect Technologies concepts as well as your ability to plan and administer Azure Architect Technologies.
  • This certification will offer you an advantage over your competitors.
  • When it comes to job or promotion interviews, AZ-303?certified professionals stand out among their peers.
  • The AZ-303 certification provides access to more helpful and relevant networks that aid in the development of career goals.
  • The AZ-303 networks give them career counseling that non-certified individuals are unable to obtain.
  • AZ-303 Certification provides candidates with actual experience in all aspects, so they can be proficient workers in the company.
  • The AZ-303 credential provides a higher earning opportunity and boosts advancement opportunities.

AZ-303 Exam Information

Exam Name: Microsoft Azure solutions architect expert

Exam Code: AZ-303

Exam Price: $165 (USD)

Duration: 150 mins

Number of Questions: 40-60

Passing score: 700 / 1000

AZ-303 Exam Format

The Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303) exam has about 40-60 questions. Scenario-based single-answer questions, multiple-choice questions, arrange in the correct sequence type questions, drag & drop questions, mark review, drag, and drop, and other sorts of questions may appear in the exam. However, in order to pass the Microsoft AZ-303 exam, a candidate must obtain a score of 700 or above. The examination fee, including taxes, is $165 USD to apply for the exam. Candidates can also administer the exam in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), or Korean.

Exam Content

Topics included in the revised Microsoft AZ-303 test include:

Domain 1
: Monitor and Implement an Azure Infrastructure (50-55%)
The majority of questions in this domain will be on creating cloud infrastructure, such as storage accounts, virtual machines for Windows and Linux, Vnet connections, Azure Active Directory, and so on. Azure Resource Manager must also be installed and configured.

Domain 2:? Implement Management and Security Solutions (25-30%)
Questions on workload management in Azure, load balancing and network security, and Azure governance solutions are all likely to come up in this domain.

Domain 3: Implement Solutions for Apps (10-15%)
Questions focused on creating application infrastructure, such as App Service Web App for Containers, Azure App Service, and configuring Azure Kubernetes Service, can be expected in this domain.

Domain 4: Implement and Manage Data Platforms (10-15%)
This domain will likely have a few questions based on subjects such as implementing NoSQL databases, Azure SQL databases, and setting high availability for an Azure SQL database.


How to register for the AZ-303 exam?

The steps to register for the AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam are as follows:

Step 1: Go to Microsoft Learning and look for AZ-303: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Step 2: Log in after creating a Pearson VUE account.

Step 3: Choose a local center based on your country, time, and date, and then confirm your payment method.


Microsoft AZ-303 Exam F.A.Q.

Are AZ-303 Dumps Legit?

The AZ-303 Dumps offered by PassITexams are 100% legit and have already helped thousands of candidates pass the exam with flying colors. The reason lies in the fact that the exam dumps offered PassITexams are handpicked by the IT professionals and are validated for authenticity by the same. That is the reason that over 98% of people who take real AZ-303 exam dumps succeed in their Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exams.

What is the best way to study for the Microsoft exam?
The best method to prepare for an exam is to practice the skills that will be tested. To pass the Microsoft AZ-303 Certification exams, get hands-on expertise with the major Azure Architect technologies principles. However, there are related online courses and instructor-led courses that are designed to teach the skills needed to succeed in the job role, with a subset of those abilities being examined on the exam. Practice until you are no longer confronted with any difficulties. One thing that can help AZ-303 Aspirants is the AZ-303 Exam Dumps offered by PassITexams. Such dumps are taken from past exams (exam database) and come with authentic answers. This can increase your chances of success by 0ver 98%.

Is there a penalty for answering incorrectly?

You will not be penalized if you respond incorrectly. To receive a point for a single-point question, you must respond completely and accurately. You also don’t get points for sections of your answer that are inaccurate.

When will I receive my exam results, and how will I receive them?

Within a few minutes of finishing the exam, you will be notified if you passed or failed. You will also receive a printed report that includes your exam score as well as feedback on your performance in the skill areas assessed.

Is there an issue in the computation of the results if I get the same score every time I retake the same exam?

No, getting the same score on several attempts does not mean the program that calculates the results is wrong. It’s not unusual for candidates to get close or identical results on repeated exam tries. The exam’s consistency in evaluating skills in this content category is demonstrated by this outcome. If this happens on several occasions, you should reassess your exam preparation and look for alternate ways to study and practice the skills assessed by the exam.

What should I do if I don?t pass the exam?

Prioritize the skills you should work on by focusing on the content areas where you struggled on your exam and the content areas with the highest percentage of questions. When you’re ready to retake the exam, schedule an appointment as usual. Each exam you retake must be paid for, and you must follow Microsoft’s retake policy.

What is the time limit for completing the labs?

The labs do not have a separate timer from the exam. The number of laboratories, case studies, and questions, as well as the exam period, will be presented at the start of the exam. You must complete all assignments related to any labs, as well as all questions, in the time allotted. Organize your time so that you can complete all of the tasks that need to be completed.


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