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Administration Essentials for New Admins Spring ?22 Release

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Introduction to ADM-201 Exam: For Salesforce Administrator Certification

The Salesforce Administrator certification is for those who have worked with Salesforce before and are always looking for new ways to help their business benefit from new features and capabilities. The exam covers the range of apps, end-user features, and functions, management, and configuration options available to an administrator across the Sales, Service, and Collaboration clouds.

Recommended knowledge and experience for ADM-201 exam

The exam does not have any requirements. According to Salesforce, Salesforce Certified Administrator applicants should, however, have a general understanding of the features available to end-users as well as the configuration options available to a Salesforce Administrator. Candidates should be able to manage a Salesforce organization, respond to common business needs, and carry out administrative tasks using current Salesforce features. Furthermore, candidates should have 6 months or more of experience as a Salesforce Administrator and be able to successfully complete the activities defined in the syllabus outline.

ADM-201 Exam Information

Name of the exam: Salesforce Administrator exam

Exam Code: ADM-201

No. of questions: 60

Duration: 105 minutes

Cost of taking the exam: USD $200

Format of questions: Multiple-choice, multiple select

Passing score: 65%

Registration platform: Kryterion global testing solution

Exam Content

The best way to begin exam preparation is with the Salesforce administrator exam guide. This section contains a list of topics and sub-topics to help you comprehend the concepts. The Salesforce Administrator exam, however, will assess the candidate’s abilities based on the following criteria:

Domain 1: Organizational Setup (3% of the exam)

This domain first covers the information found in business settings and differentiates between the many UI components that an administrator controls, as well as their implications.

Domain 2: User Setup (7% of the exam)

This domain covers the notions of identifying the steps required to set up and/or maintain a user, as well as the consequences of activating, deactivating, or freezing a user.

Domain 3: Security and Access (13% of the exam)

This domain contains topics that explain the various security controls used by organizations. Then, given a user request scenario, apply the necessary security measures based on the capabilities and features of the Salesforce sharing model. Based on a scenario, determine the proper use of a custom profile or permission set using different permissions and profile settings.

Domain 4: Standard and Custom Objects (14% of the exam)

This domain requires the description of the standard object architecture and relationship model. In addition to that, explain how to add, delete, and change fields and page layouts on standard and custom objects, as well as understand what happens when you delete fields. Also, determine how to develop and allocate page layouts, record types, and business processes for custom and standard objects based on a situation.

Domain 5: Sales and Marketing Applications (14% of the exam)

In this domain, determine the capabilities and implications of the sales process based on a scenario. Next, using opportunity tools, identify the right sales productivity features for a given scenario, as well as when products and Price Books should be used.

Domain 6: Service and Support Applications (13% of the exam)

In this domain, describe the capabilities of case management. Given a scenario, determine how case management can be automated. Define the capabilities of Salesforce Knowledge as well as the capabilities of Community application.

Domain 7: Activity Management and Collaboration (3% of the exam)

It includes principles for describing the capabilities of activity management (for example, managing tasks, public calendars, events and multi-day activities). Also, describe Chatter’s features.

Domain 8: Data Management (10% of the exam)

This domain aims to describe the factors to consider while importing, updating, moving, and deleting large amounts of data. Then, given a scenario, identify data management tools and use cases. Explain the capabilities and implications of data validation tools, as well as the various backup options.

Domain 9: Analytics?Reports and Dashboards (10% of the exam)

This domain describes the options available when creating or customizing a report, as well as the effect of the sharing model on reports. Also, explain the options available for designing and modifying dashboards, as well as the capabilities of custom report types.

Domain 10: Workflow/Process Automation (8% of the exam)

In this domain, given a situation, identify the right automation solution based on workflow/process capabilities. Also, define the use cases and capabilities of the approval process.

Domain 11: Desktop and Mobile Administration (3% of the exam)

This domain?includes topics that define the Salesforce Mobile App’s features. Also, outline the installation and syncing options for Salesforce Lightning for Outlook.

Domain 12: AppExchange (2% of the exam)

This domain aims to build knowledge and understanding in order to identify the use cases of AppExchange applications.

Exam Retaking Policy

The cost of retaking the Salesforce community consultant exam is half of the cost of taking the exam the first time. Therefore, the cost of retaking the exam is $100. In accordance with Salesforce release cycles, Salesforce upgrades all certification examinations three times a year (winter, spring, summer). You have three chances to take the same certification exam during each release cycle (i.e., Salesforce Certified Administrator).

  • You must wait 24 hours after failing your first exam attempt within a release cycle before registering for a second attempt.
  • You must wait 14 days after failing your second attempt within a release cycle before enrolling for a third attempt.
  • You must wait until the next release cycle begins before registering for the exam if you fail your third attempt during a release cycle.
  • With the beginning of the?new release cycle, all attempts will be reset. As a result, you can take the same exam three times in one release cycle.

Salesforce ADM-201 Exam F.A.Q.

What is the best way to pass the ADM-201 exam?

To pass the exam, all you need is commitment and resources. You have to?keep a positive mindset and we’ll take care of the resources. We guarantee that the questions in our dumps will greatly help you prepare for your exam. So start working hard and give it your best shot.

How can I self-evaluate myself with practice tests?

After you’ve finished studying the syllabus, you’ll need to put in a lot of practice time in order to pass the exam.?? As this exam isn’t easy, you’ll need to be sure you’ve had enough practice. Salesforce administrator practice tests can assist you in finding any shortcomings in your preparation and weak areas. These tests also give you a feel for what it’s like to take an actual exam. With these tests, you can practice your accuracy and speed. Attempting these tests will also boost your confidence.

Who can take this exam?

The Salesforce Administrator certification exam is for people who have worked with Salesforce before and are always looking for new ways to help their business benefit from new features and capabilities.

Where can I find the ADM-201 exam questions?

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