The CISSP Exam – The Only Study Guide You Need.

1. What is the CISSP Exam

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification (CISSP) is an information technology security certification. It’s a well-known certification among IT professionals that measure their knowledge about securing computer systems and networks.

This exam validates an individual’s competency in specific areas of security, including but not limited to:

Access Control Risk Assessment Cryptography Operations Security Software Development Security Telecommunications & Network Security. Why do you think organizations are willing to pay for good information security professionals?

The Benefits of becoming a CISSP:

Among the top benefits of becoming a CISSP include:

  1. Recognized Worldwide: The CISSP certification is a global credential and it’s recognized worldwide.  This means that the knowledge of this certification makes you an attractive candidate for jobs across different industries including IT, banking, government, etc.
  2. Job Security: The knowledge gained by obtaining your CISSP certification will give you more job security and higher wages.
  3. Professional Credibility: Obtaining this certification will open up new career opportunities throughout various corporations in Canada or around the world. A lot of companies are willing to pay handsomely for information security professionals who have obtained this certification as they provide them with much-needed protection from cyber-attacks and other information security threats.
  4. Higher Pay: The demand for CISSP professionals is higher than ever.  As a result, you will get paid more if you possess this certification. Information security is a vital component of every organization’s strategy to protect their business and intellectual property from cyber threats and other dangers such as natural disasters (floods, hurricanes etc.) which could put their operations in jeopardy. Knowledgeable information security specialists are therefore more valuable now than they have ever been before.  

There has never been a better time to start your training to become a CISSP!  The competition is fierce, so if you want to be recognized as an information security professional with the highest level of knowledge on the planet; it’s important that you prepare with a solid plan in your head.

What makes a good information security professional?

  • Can protect our important data and applications against intrusion and attack by hackers, crackers, etc;
  • Can detect the cyber threats rapidly in order to prevent our network from becoming corrupted or destroyed;
  • Can solve problems of computer security incidents effectively when something bad happens; What do you learn from CISSP training resources? A lot of practical knowledge about protecting critical IT infrastructure like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, servers, and networks which are under your control!

The Latest Outline for CISSP Certification:

Achieving the CISSP certification will prove to employers that you have a deep understanding of security and are capable of designing, engineering, and managing an organization’s overall security structure.

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is one of the most challenging certifications globally in information technology because it validates skills such as Deep technical knowledge about how networks operate; advanced administrative know-how for implementing organizational systems procedures like data backup policies; experience overseeing projects related to network design or upgrades. The exam itself tests your ability with topics including risk management strategies, ethical issues pertaining to IT operations decisions among many others in addition to computer forensics analysis techniques used by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Therefore, the updated CISSP exam outline has the following 8 areas:

  • Domain 1: Asset Security – 15%
  • Domain 2: Security and Risk Management – 15%
  • Domain 3: Security and Architect and Engineering – 13%
  • Domain 4: Communication and Network Security – 13%
  • Domain 5: Security Operations – 13%
  • Domain 6: Identity and Access Management (IAM) – 13%
  • Domain 7: Software Development Security – 11%
  • Domain 8: Security Assessment and Testing – 12%

The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) offers two different certification exams for CISSP certification, the CAT and Linear Exams. The CAT exam is only offered in English while other languages such as French, German Brazilian Portuguese Spanish-Modern Japanese Simplified Chinese Korean all use a linear format of testing instead. To learn more about these tests visit

CISSP CAT Exam info:

  • Time: Max 3 hours
  • Number of Questions/Items: 100-150
  • Type of Exam / Format: Multiple choice and advanced innovative items
  • Passing score: 700 out of 1000 points.
  • CISSP Exam Cost/Price: $749 (USD). Find detailed pricing here
  • Language: English
  • Exam Registration: CISSP Exam Register here
  • Testing Center: (ISC)2 Authorized PPC and PVTC Select Pearson VUE Testing Centers

CISSP Linear Exam info:

  • Time: 6 hours Max
  • Number of items: 250
  • Exam Format: Multiple choice and advanced innovative items
  • Passing score: 700 out of 1000 points
  • Language: French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish-Modern, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean
  • Exam Registration: CISSP Exam Register here
  • Testing Center: (ISC)2 Authorized PPC and PVTC Select Pearson VUE Testing Centers

The Study Guide for CISSP Exam:

You can follow the following steps to study CISSP certification exam:

1) Preparation Phase (Preparation for CISSP Exam) –

You should first choose a place that is quiet and free from; distractions. Don’t study in a place where you will be distracted by people who are talking or watching TV, etc; – You should start early so that you have enough time to take the test. It is recommended to start preparing from 8 months before the exam – Take some CISSP practice tests to understand how many hours and efforts you need to prepare for this examination

2) Study Phase (Study for CISSP Exam) –

The CISSP exam is difficult and requires a lot of preparation. It’s best to go through the material regularly, in order to be able to choose the perfect answer from a list of “CORRECT” answers for each question on an examination. An important part of passing any test like this one are practice questions that give you your first exposure so you can learn what types of mistakes people make when taking these tests or exams. Questions will often have more than just 1 right answer – but only 1 CORRECT choice out among them all! The key then becomes choosing which answer it actually is by analyzing why other choices may not be correct (and checking those reasons with others who know).

In order to succeed on the CISSP exam, you need more than just a cursory knowledge of information security topics. You have to be able to answer questions about cryptography and access control systems from within an organization’s perimeter defenses as well as outside attacks that may come in contact with your company through cyberspace. Fortunately for those who are preparing for this challenging test, there is plenty available online-everything from free practice tests to YouTube videos created specifically by experienced cybersecurity professionals like Anthony James!

CISSP dumps can be handy tools to help you pass the exam and land that coveted “CISSP” credential. The best thing about CISSP Dumps is that they can help you narrow down the questions that will be asked on the real test. And why is this a good thing? Because CISSP Dumps let you know exactly what types of information you will most likely need to succeed on each section of the exam. If you can prepare for common questions that are often asked, then when it comes time to. They can be used to supplement more traditional learning methods or tools like books written by experts like (ISC)2 authors/experts themselves-providing detailed information about each topic covered in a particular domain. Many of these eBooks have been prepared after including feedback and suggestions from previous students who have taken and passed the certification exam; they also cover many topics that are not even included in official CISSP examination materials!

An example of this would be Professor Messina’s very own eBook on the CISSP CBK Domains called “CISSP Certification All-in-One Exam Guide Second Edition”. This is probably one of the most comprehensive study guides available.



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