Latest ITIL 4 Foundation Exam Dumps – March 2023 Edition

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ITIL V4 Dumps by PassITexams

On January 1, 2023, PassITexams launched a new version of ITIL 4 Foundation EXAM DUMPS. In our refreshed ITIL V4 exam dumps, we have included the most relevant exam questions that have the highest probability of showing up in your next ITIL Volume 4 certification exam. By preparing for your certification exam through these dumps, your chances of passing the ITIL 4 Foundation EXAM become exponentially high. Over the last many years, we have experienced the pass rate of our candidates to be above 98%. On top of this, there is a moneyback guarantee if you find the dumps to be less than what we commit.

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Domains of the ITIL-V4 Covered in Our Exam Dumps:

1. The Key Service Concepts

  • Definitions and key concepts:

(Warranty, Service, Utility, Customer, User, Sponsor, Cost, Service management;

Outcome, Value, Organization, Output, Risk, Warranty, Utility;

The service offering, Service provision, Service relationships management, Service consumption)

2. Recognize how the ITIL guiding principles can assist a company in adopting and adapting service management

  • Describe the nature, interaction, and implementation of the guiding principles:

(Focus on value; Progress iteratively with feedback; Start where you are; Collaborate and promote visibility; Keep it simple and practical; Think and work holistically; Optimize and automate)

3. Recognize the four aspects of service management

  • Describe the four dimensions:

(Information and Technology; Partners and Suppliers; Organizations and People; Value streams and Processes)

4. Recognize the components and purpose of the ITIL service value system

  • Describe the ITIL SVS:

(Governance, Guiding Principles, Practices, Service value chain, Continual improvement)

5. Recognize the activities that make up the service value chain and how they relate to one another

  • Describe the interconnected nature, outputs, inputs, and purpose of each value chain activity:

(Improve, Plan, Design & transition, Engage, Deliver & support, Obtain/build)

6. Recognize the purpose and essential terms for 15 ITIL practices

  • Recall the purpose of the 18 ITIL Practices:

(Information security management; Supplier management; Relationship management; Availability Management; IT asset management; Capacity and performance management; Service continuity management; Release Management; Monitoring and event management; Service configuration management; Continual improvement; Deployment management; Change Control; Problem management; Incident management; Service request management; Service level management; Service desk)

  • Recall definitions of 8 key ITIL Terms:

(IT asset, Availability, Event, Change, Incident, Configuration item, Problem, Known error).

7. Recognize 7 ITIL practices

  • Explain in detail the 7 ITIL Processes including how they fit in the value chain:

(Optimize and automate; Continual improvement; Change Control; Problem management; Incident management; Service request management; Service level management; Service desk)

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About ITIL V4 Foundation Exam by PeopleCert

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the world’s most extensively used approach to IT service management. ITIL certifications can assist individuals and companies in using IT to achieve business transformation, change, and growth.

The goal of the ITIL 4 Foundation qualification is to expose you to the administration of current IT-enabled services, to give you an understanding of the common language and important ideas, and to show you how the ITIL 4 guidance may help your company and your job. The Foundation certification is required before proceeding to the higher-level ITIL 4 certificates.


ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certifications indicate that you have been educated in best practices for service management, utilizing procedures, vocabulary, and methodologies that are common in modern IT. ITIL-certified experts have a great?demand because they have the knowledge and skills to help companies grow and flourish.

Digital services often rely on continuous project management that focuses on the service’s objectives while also addressing the inevitable challenges that arise throughout the development, delivery, and maintenance of the service. An?effective approach to IT service management is understanding how to integrate all of these ever-changing aspects into your development process.

ITIL 4 Foundation provides a complete operational framework for developing, delivering, and constantly improving technology-enabled services and goods. ITIL 4 Foundation is designed for anybody who needs to learn the fundamentals of IT and digital service delivery and wants to assist their business in embracing the new service management culture. It is designed for individuals who are just getting started with ITIL 4 or who wish to polish up their existing ITIL expertise.


ITIL 4 Foundation was issued by AXELOS in early 2019. ITIL 4 Foundation is the most recent edition of the ITIL standard set of procedures for assisting companies in their digital transformation. It is a complete IT service model for the supply and operation of technologically enabled goods and services. IT operation teams may play a larger role in overall company strategy by adhering to ITIL standards.

The ITIL 4 Foundation exam is a foundational certification that assesses your broad understanding of ITIL principles. It covers the essential components, ideas, and terminologies used in the ITIL service lifecycle, such as the connections between lifecycle phases, the procedures utilized, and their contribution to service management techniques. There are a total of 40 questions, with a time restriction of 60 minutes. To get the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification, you must score at least 65% (26 questions).


  • Individuals who need a basic understanding of the ITIL framework and how it can be used to improve the quality of IT service management within a company. The qualification also applies to IT professionals who operate in an ITIL-adopted company and must be aware of and contribute to the overall service improvement program.
  • Professionals who want and are preparing to obtain ITIL 4 certifications.


There are no official prerequisites before taking the ITIL V4 Foundation exam.

However, the ITIL 4 Foundation Expert certification is required before pursuing the ITIL Master certification. To be eligible for the ITILFND V4 Expert certification, you must receive at least 17 credits from the Practitioner, Intermediate, and Foundation modules, as well as pass the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) exam, for a total of 22 credits.


Exam Code: ITIL V4 – Foundation

Certification: ITIL Foundation Certification

Total Questions: 40 questions

Passing score: ?65%

Test duration: 1 hour

Exam Type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Exam Cost: $150-$500

Language: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, French, Polish, German


Taking a test, no matter how well you’ve studied, maybe a stressful occasion. Here are a few things to help you succeed in the exam:

  • Check that you have everything you’ll need for the exam, including a pencil and your participant number.
  • Keep an eye on the timer, but don’t be concerned ? the exam’s hour time limit provides you around 1.5 minutes to complete each multiple-choice question.
  • Fill in the blanks with your responses in accordance with the directions.
  • Pick out?key?terms from the question’s structure (e.g., not, must, could, incorrect, most, primary, best, guarantee) to help you eliminate erroneous responses.
  • Answer the questions from an ITIL standpoint rather than from your personal experience.
  • If you manage your time properly, you should have enough time, in the end, to go over your answers and ensure you didn’t miss any questions.


Maybe it’s your first step towards your certification or maybe it’s a return. In both cases, we hope that your experiences with these exams will help prepare you for the ITILFND V4 exam. It will help you feel more comfortable when studying for the first time. Those are the steps to a new and highly-paying career. If you have walked around the block several times, you can ask questions of more experienced techies. Our community illuminates and makes things better.


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The dumps are the best way to pass the ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam because they contain real exam questions that will be asked in the real exam. Additionally, they provide a blueprint of what to expect in the exam and how to approach it. Finally, they help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can focus your learning on the areas where you need more practice.


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PassITexams Exam Dumps provide a thorough set of questions and answers, as well as references and explanations (where applicable). Our goal in creating the exam dumps is to assist you in not only passing the exam on your first attempt but also in improving your knowledge of the exam’s content. Our exam dumps are similar to a cheat sheet that will assist you in passing your exam on the first attempt. Our exam dumps contain real questions and answers that have been examined and cross-checked by our IT professionals.


How can I pass the ITIL V4 Certification Exam?

To take the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, you must first complete the ITIL course. You can take it at an ATO or study independently. Attending an ITIL Foundation course, on the other hand, is not needed. On the other hand, taking an ITIL course from a training provider will?help you comprehend the tips and suggestions. You will also be guided through the ITIL exam preparation process. An instructor with deep knowledge will always be able to help you better comprehend the ITIL life cycle. As a reason, many people choose to learn about the ITIL life cycle through a training program.

What are the Advantages of Taking the ITIL V4 Exam?

Your expertise, productivity, and capacity to establish better connections with customers and within the company will all increase as a result of taking an ITIL certification course. ITIL knowledge and skills aid in the cost-effectiveness of processes by maximizing the utilization of existing resources.

Is it safe to use the ITIL V4 exam dumps?

PassITexams offers 100% accurate and reliable exam dumps. Thousands of students have previously passed the ITIL 4 exam using our exam dumps. This is due to the fact that the exam questions and answers we provide have been hand-picked and double-checked by IT experts. As a consequence, 98 percent of applicants passed admirably on the ITIL 4 exam.

Where can I get ITIL v4 exam questions?

You don’t need to be anxious because you’ve arrived at the correct location. We have the most up-to-date and accurate questions and answers, which have all been checked by our experts and professionals. PassITexams offers the most up-to-date exam dumps, ensuring that you pass your exam the first time.


The ITILFND V4 exam is an important part of advancing in your profession as well as in the company where you work. With assistance, you may be ahead of the game when it comes to applying prescribed ITIL practices for service management. After completing such an exam and receiving the entry-level ITIL certificate, you may advance your career by applying for an intermediate-level certification such as the ITIL 4 Managing Professional.

It’s normal to feel anxious and nervous sometimes. We’ve all experienced it at some point; the next step is to overcome that fear and prepare to take on something as difficult as the ITIL 4 Foundation. Reach out if you get stuck. Help others if you find them struggling. And, as the saying goes, “work smarter, not harder!” So, what are you waiting for? JOIN US today and avail the best ITIL Foundation exam dumps to help you pass your exam with flying colors.

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