Power BI Certification worth it in 2024?

As you aim to establish your career as a data analyst, Power BI certification is something that would greatly assist you to excel in your field. Power Business Intelligence (BI) Certification is a ‘Microsoft Data Analyst Associate Certification’ which you can achieve if you pass the Exam PL-300. This certification is a confirmation that you acquire the skills required by any business to add value to its data.

There are a number of people out there who wish to pursue the field of business data analyst. You might also be the one in this queue. Are you looking for something that can make you distinguished from other people in your community? If yes, power BI certification is the right tool for you to win and score. Getting this certification will definitely help you to surpass all other employees that apply for the position of data analyst. Not only this, if you are already been working as a data analyst, a certification can greatly add value to your work profile. 

In this article, we will discuss why Power BI certification is worth it-in 2024– the importance and value of this certification. 

What actually does Power BI certification helps you with?

Data from various sources is not useful for business use unless it is refined, organized and presented in a manageable manner. To help you achieve this productive data visualization, Microsoft has provided you with its BI application. Power BI is an application that uses disorganized raw data from all the sources and turns it into an organized and manageable form so that it is easy for you to take strategic decisions. This certification also makes you capable to sketch and frame the data templates, filtering and reshaping your data, and improving the data construction so that it is easy to apply and understand.

This processing phase of data by a data analyst helps to comprehend the data deeply. If you are interested to read and analyze data with Power Business Intelligence, this certification is most suitable for you. It enables you to present significant data visualizations which help to have a cohesive interpretation of data for critical evaluations. The time assigned for this exam is 90 minutes and its cost is $165. Moreover, it is available in a number of languages like English, Arabic, German and Japanese. 

What are the benefits of Power BI Certification?

As more and more companies have incorporated the use of Power BI applications, employers prefer to hire a data analyst who is proficient in using the tool. Thus, getting a Power BI certification is evidence of your skills and expertise to manage and use the data through BI software. 

Following is a list of great benefits of Power BI certification:

  • Microsoft is a leading name in technology 

Microsoft has long been recognized as the foundation of business software and IT solutions, producing top-tier, highly effective commercial software that meets business demands. Power BI is a brand-new tool with a long history. By integrating SQL, Multi-Dimensional, Server Analysis Services, and MS Excel, Microsoft is a leader in business intelligence.

  • Construct reports and manage dashboard 

You may set up a dashboard, publish and embed reports, and set security options for reports, apps, and dashboards. Additionally, once you have obtained the Power BI certification, you can configure app workspaces and apps.

You can acquire all the abilities necessary to use the Power BI tool for business processes with the aid of the Power BI certificate. You are worth much more than other employees when you focus on creating calculated tables and columns, managing organizational hierarchies, assessing data transactions, and purifying data. These abilities will enable you to stand out from the crowd and win respect and recognition inside a business.

  • Power BI has a large user community

Additionally, you join the Microsoft community and become a Microsoft Certified Professional. With this Power BI certification, you can ask your manager for a high-end wage. It attests to the fact that you possess the top-notch abilities required to work as a company data analyst.

The Power BI community, which is just over two years old and has over 10,000 users, is a sizable network of like-minded individuals. It gives data analysts and users who are working on the product a platform to connect with colleagues around the globe. The user forum is useful.

  • Data furnishing and visualization 

You can gain practical experience creating new data models and improving current ones with this Power BI certification. You also learn how to handle bespoke reporting solutions, design organizational hierarchies, develop well-calculated tables and columns, and use gauges and cards to assess each employee’s performance.

  • Worthy and Cost-efficient certification

Anyone with a desire to study can mostly do so because the tool is inherent and easy to master. It spares businesses the expense of training staff, and after the tool is put to use, it offers nothing if the best result is not achieved. The fee of exam certification is very affordable as compared to the benefits it delivers in your job hiring process as well to produce best data analysis.

What skills do you need to gain to pass Power BI certification?

In order to score well in PL-300 exam, you must have learned the following modules

Constructing data 

  • Use power BI framework and units
  • Utilize appropriate set of raw data 
  • Filter and modify original data

Design data 

  • Sketch a data model 
  • Optimize steps for data analysis 
  • Draft data template

Present Data

  • Design visual sets of data 
  • Craft textual analysis of data 
  • Construct appealing dashboard

Survey and study data

  • Deep data analysis 
  • Incorporate AI visuals 

Manage data files 

  • Organize final data results
  • Ensure the safety of data

What is the pathway to this certification?

As the demand of data analysts has increased tremendously over the past few years, a number of online resources have emerged. They ensure to prepare you for the exam in such a way that you would be able to pass it. However, it must be noted that passing the exam is not just the goal, the main purpose of this exam is to develop the ability to analyze any data practically. 

In order to get a rewarding output from this exam, it is necessary that you pass this exam as well as build a strong working portfolio that demonstrates your working ability.

  • Learn and understand the Power BI training program PL-300 and its significance
  • Start preparing for the course which includes Dynamics Fundamentals and Power Platform Fundamentals
  • Download PL-300 Dumps and practice all updated Power BI exam questions.
  • You can choose between self-based online training or instructor-led training 
  • Gain hands-on experience by working on a data analyst project 
  • Take a PL-300 practice test to see where you stand in your preparation 
  • If your practice test went well, attempt the final exam 

Once you have passed it, you can opt for intermediate and advanced certifications that help you gain another milestone. You can also renew your certification by attempting a certification renewal exam six months before its expiry date. Certification renewal assessment feels like a big hurdle but it’s not. The renewal exam is free of cost, short, open book, and focuses on industry updates. 

Are you ready for it?

If you are enthusiastic to learn about data analysis and have a mindset to prosper in this field, Power BI certification is a great option that you should be availing. Though it requires much struggle and hard work to pass PL-300 exam, achieving this certification can prove to be the first major step towards your far-reaching success in business analysis. You can read more about other Microsoft Certifications Exams here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Microsoft certification is best for Power BI?

Best Power BI certifications are:

  • Fundamentals of Data Visualization with Power BI.
  • Business Analyst Master’s Program.
  • Data Analyst Master’s Program.

2. How much is Microsoft Power BI certification?

The cost of Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst- PL300 is $165 USD.

3. How many times can you take PL-300?

You can take 5 attempts to appear in PL-300 certification. You cannot appear for 14 days if you fail to pass in the second attempt. Similarly, you can not appear for 14 days if you fail to pass in the fourth attempt.

4. Is PL 300 exam difficult?

Yes, PL-300 is hard. It is not right to say that this exam is easy to attempt. Assembling the acquired knowledge and applying this knowledge to real world problems is what makes this exam hard to attempt.

5. Is it worth getting Power BI certification?

Power BI is a great opportunity if you want to excel as a business analyst. This certification enables you to use data to create reports with comprehensible visualizations. You also learn how to utilize Power BI dashboard and draft outcomes from these reports.

6. How long is PL-300 certification good for?

PL-300 certification stays valid for 1 year. You can attempt certification renewal assessment to prevent your certification from expiring.

7. What is a passing score on a Microsoft certification exam?

The passing score of Microsoft certification exam is 700 or more. Thus, if your percentage is less than 70%, it would lead to failure in your exam test.

8. What happens if you fail a Microsoft exam?

If you fail an exam, you can easily retake the exam. However, you cannot retake the exam before the next 24 hours. You can retake the exam for up to 5 times. However, after 2nd and 4th attempts, you have to wait for a period of 14 days before you retake.

9. How can I get PL-300 for free?

PL-300 certification is not free. However, you can get discounted offers from Microsoft which gives you 50% discount on selected exams for every 6 months on successful performance of an assigned task.



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